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Seeking Better Primary Care

What A Kids' Sports Physical Covers

by Edward White

Most high schools and middle schools will require your child to have a sports physical before they are allowed to compete in school-sponsored sports clubs or teams. This is standard practice across the United States.

A sports physical is something that you can get your regular doctor or a doctor at your urgent care clinic to do. Some doctor's offices and urgent care clinics will hold sports physical events at the start of each sport's season to deal with the demand for sports physicals. Some schools will also host events on-campus with doctors so that all kids can easily get the sports physical they need to play.  

Sports physicals are very routine, and most of them follow the same format, so you will know what to expect.  

Height and Weight Assessment 

First, they will assess your child's height and weight by getting your child's current height and weight measurements. They may also take measurements of things like your child's wrists or ankles in order to measure their bone structure and provide a more accurate assessment of your child's weight.

Vision Exam 

Next, they will do a basic vision exam. They will test if your child can see close up and far away. They will also make sure that your child doesn't have any issues with their peripheral vision. If they do, they will recommend scheduling a follow-up appointment with an eye doctor. 

Musculoskeletal Exam 

After that, they will do a musculoskeletal exam to make sure that your child's body is growing at the right rate. They will test your child's reflexes and flexibility to make sure that your child doesn't have any hidden health issues that need to be addressed. 

Cardia Screening 

Finally, they will do a cardia screening, which means they will get your child's blood pressure and listen to their heartbeat to make sure it sounds okay. 

A sports physical is very similar to a yearly check-up. At the end of a sports physical, your child will be given permission to either play sports or be required to get more medical screening. Additional medical screening is not typically needed, but if the doctor is concerned with your child's heart, their overall development, or their vision, they may recommend a follow-up appointment with a specialist before giving your child permission to play sports. A sports physical is a quick and easy way to make sure your child is healthy before they are allowed to play school-sponsored sports. 

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