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As someone who doesn't go to the doctor very often, I realized that I didn't even have a main primary care provider. Unfortunately, when I was involved in a car accident, all of my specialists asked me who I normally worked with, and I didn't have an answer. I started looking for a great primary care doctor, and I was able to find a specialist that really understood what I needed. He helped me to manage all of my conditions, and I was really happy with how much of a difference he made for my general health. Check out this blog for more information.




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Seeking Better Primary Care


What A Kids' Sports Physical Covers

Most high schools and middle schools will require your child to have a sports physical before they are allowed to compete in school-sponsored sports clubs or teams. This is standard practice across the United States. A sports physical is something that you can get your regular doctor or a doctor at your urgent care clinic to do. Some doctor's offices and urgent care clinics will hold sports physical events at the start of each sport's season to deal with the demand for sports physicals.